Dimitris Roumeliotis

'' Music replaces the lost magic sense of the world.
It is the ultimate effort for trance, that's why it functions like a ceremony, purification

Dimitris Roumeliotis

   Dimitris Roumeliotis was born and grew up in Athens.
Since his childhood years, he devoted himself to music, singing and playing the guitar.
In June 1988, Ravi Shankar's brilliant concert at Herodeion Theatre, under the Acropolis,
moved him deeply and changed his life forever.

Indian classical music and the sound of the sitar affected him so deeply and in December 1989,
he started his hard and charming initiation, into this incredibly enriched musical school.
Ross Daly introduced and helped him in his first steps until 1994, when he met his beloved teacher, Rabindra Goswami, an excellent sitarist from Benares, India and since then, he has been learning with piety and devotion the mystics of the ''Ragas''.

The deep and lyrical playing of sarod player Ali Akbar Khan and sitarist Nikhil Banerjee,
Ravi Shankar's philosophical style and Vilayat Khan's genius expression on Ragas,
have been giving him a huge material of inspiration for years.

Indian musicians are very pleased and impressed, when a new Raga is created and Rabindra Goswamijee tasted that joy, when Dimitris composed one morning and one night Raga
and named them Raga Abha Ranjani (aura) and Raga Kaushik Satikar (hospitality),respectively.

D.Roumeliotis has composed many instrumental pieces, all of them based on Indian classical music, put his own lyrics and has set to music verses from Nikiforos Vrettakos's poetry.

He created '' IHOR '' band in 1999, giving concerts in Athens, Crete, Patras, Corfu, Thessaloniki, Chalkida and in Benares, India in February 2001 and 2012-2014 with George Mylonas and Nikos Souliotis.

''IHOR '' 's members are, Satnam Ghai from Punjab, India on tabla , Orestis Zafiropoulos on cello, Yiannis Eustathopoulos on percussion and Xenia Katsari on tamboura.

  In 1996-97, he played sitar in a band called ''Dithyramvos'' with Amin Alagabou, George Kollias, George Fasolis, Thanos Kollias and Vagelis Simentis. He has cooperated with many musicians such as Ross Daly, D.Zervoudakis, D.Zafirelis, V.Rakopoulos, H.Lambrakis, Nor-Dar, Shankar Lal, Don Conreaux, T.Barberis, N.Touliatos, Y.Panayiotopoulos, director Th. Valeta etc.

He wrote music for a theatrical project of ''Mahabharata'' with George Hatzidakis on direction.

  He played sitar on cd ''Ampela'', a cooperation of the Armenian band Nor-Dar
and the top singer of India, Lakshmi Shankar, Ravi Shankar's sister in law.


   Satnam Ghai is an excellent tabla player, born in Punjab, an area of India, well-known as the birthplace of many important musicians and especially, fine percussionists.
Alla Rakha, partner of Ravi Shankar, his famous son Zakir Hussain, Keramatullah Khan are some of the very few, tabla players from Punjab, this  enthralling place in north-western India. Since 1999, Satnam has been living in Greece, giving concerts with Dimitris. He has taken part in seminars and concerts with Ross Daly, Telemachos Mousas, Dimitris Zafirelis, Giannis Haroulis, George Glynos and many other musicians.

  Yiannis Eustathopoulos was introduced to percussion thanks to the percussionist Μ. El Dajani in the mid-90s. In 1999, he attended an annual course of rhythmic solfeggio and advanced rhythmic education in Spain. In Greece, he continued with the study of percussion of the Eastern Mediterranean and Latin America under the systematic teaching of Nikos Darilas. He has also gained valuable knowledge through courses and meetings with masters of percussion (Rowan Storm, Vangelis Karipis, Mustafa Yalcin, Hany Bedair, Mohamad Arafa, participation in seminars of Glen Velez, Yshai Afterman, etc.). More recently, he attended a lessons with jazz drummer Ch. Asonitis during which they have jointly explored the application of elements of drums in percussion (e.g. independence, study of «Syncopation» on traditional instruments). He is a member since 2005 of the ensemble of Arabic music “Al Mahabba”. He has been participating in the group of Tunisian singer Lamia Bedioui since the early 2000s. He has also collaborated with the French-Iraqi singer and oud player Mohamed Alnuma. He had the honor to take part in three concerts in Greece with Palestinian oud virtuoso and composer Nizar Rohana. He was a member of the jazzy world music group Mare Yiem. Since the summer of 2014 he is a member of IHOR.






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